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Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

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'Like the Flowing River 'is a compilation of tales, opinions, short stories and ideas drawn from articles published by Brazilian writer Paulo in various international newspapers. Seven years of reflections, journeys and meetings: the revelation of a fascinating philosophy of life. A brilliant collection cleverly written with passion and humor.Coelho’s simple words and subtle philosophy encompass reflections on solitude, the art of love or the way to become an archer, to parables on man’s struggles and journey through life.

His mission is to observe human beings; what they are and how they are, rather than what they want to be or pretend to be. Coelho’s writing is timeless: thoughts on books and libraries and belonging to a technological age sit alongside an awareness of the value of an ordinary pencil. Appealing to a wide audience, this is inspirational non-fiction from the one of the world’s greatest writers.

Paulo Coelho is an enchanting storyteller, inspiring people all over the world to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable. He is considered one of the most influential authors of our times. 

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