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How to Start a Business Without Any Money by Rachel Bridge

How to Start a Business Without Any Money by Rachel Bridge

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Maximize profits and grow faster with this POWERFUL guide by your side

Business ideas, suggestions, and experiences are to be found throughout that will put money in your bank account. These are not theories, but tested and proven to work in the real world. Rather than borrow money, this book is all about how to generate cash through sales to make your business work. You'll find a step-by-step entrepreneur's guide on how to start a business and prosper. Starting a business without any money is critical to minimize potential losses and maximize returns.

The author writes from the experience of being a serial entrepreneur who started with a borrowed bucket. From car cleaning and sandwich sales, went on to establish multiple million+ businesses in product manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors. Discover how, inside.

This book guides you to avoid the three main causes of business failure to ensure success.

Get this book and be certain to:
  1. Develop an effective business plan
  2. Avoid cash flow problems
  3. Understand wider business concepts

You will also discover why and how to master both your time and money.

Here are the other key topics covered in this book:
  • How small steps can lead to big leaps
  • Why thinking big while starting small can help you to scale fast
  • What to sell and when to sell it
  • Why and how you must convert customers to clients
  • How to ask for new business
  • How to write an ad for your business

Here are some of the growth hacks:

  1. A simple blueprint anyone can use to motivate customers to buy now.
  2. How to get to the top of the game even if you are starting from nothing.
  3. A number of very fast methods to start earning quickly.
  4. A surprising technique you can use to get customers to buy from you.
  5. How to create simple reusable assets that cost nothing and generate inquiries forever.
  6. How you might get paid more for what you already do.
  7. How to create valuable reusable assets.
  8. Clearly, look into your future opportunities.
  9. Three ways you can set up fast with no money down.
  10. How to use YouTube to save thinking and writing time.
  11. How to design your business to attract premium rates.
  12. Take the initiative so even more customers can come to you.
  13. Learn more than others, from others, fast.
  14. Be certain your customers are genuinely happy.
  15. How to use customer knowledge to create a better business.
  16. How narrowing the focus can maximize your sales opportunity.
  17. An almost magical match between start-up type and target market group.
  18. How to create custom assets to demonstrate your very tight market match.
  19. Systematize your business and sell licenses for quick cash and rolling income.
  20. How to get to know who your top 20% target customers really are.
  21. What can you outsource to ensure you have a passive income?
  22. How to convert customers to clients to ensure your income grows and grows.
  23. How your tailor can provide insights into cultivating professionalism
  24. How to use the 80:20 rule to pull out the most lucrative clients
There are many more hacks, space is limited here, each is given at least one dedicated page of detail in the book

About the author
A lifelong entrepreneur, coach and mentor the author shares entrepreneurial lessons learned through practice, accidents and success.
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