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Cambridge - Vocabulary for IELTS with Audio CD

Cambridge - Vocabulary for IELTS with Audio CD

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Product description

All the vocabulary you need for IELTS success!

This book covers all the vocabulary you need for up to band 6.0 in IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Vocabulary is presented in realistic contexts and is introduced through listening and reading texts to help you remember words and understand their meaning. It includes IELTS-style exercises for all four skills with answers, and shows you vocabulary-building strategies. It also includes regular progress checks and tips on how to avoid typical errors. The audio for the listening and pronunciation exercises are in the CD

Key features

  • Covers all the vocabulary needed for the IELTS test with exam practice of all papers.
  • Informed by the Cambridge International Corpus, including the Cambridge Learner Corpus ensuring vocabulary is presented in genuine contexts, and covers the errors that students really make.
  • Common learner error warnings help students be aware of and avoid making common mistakes.
  • Regular progress tests allow students to consolidate their learning and chart their progress.
  • Tips on how to approach IELTS tasks practised in the book and how to learn vocabulary are ideal for the self-study student.
  • Wordlists in the appendices provide a useful checklist and revision resource for students.
  • The topic based unit approach means the material can easily be used to supplement an exam coursebook.
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