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10 Rules For Talking by Tim Harkness (Original)

10 Rules For Talking by Tim Harkness (Original)

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Psychologist Tim Harkness has noticed sometimes it seems everyone is shouting, but nobody is listening.

Surely we don't need to learn how to talk? And yet, in an age of Brexit and Trump, where social media provides a platform for instantaneous, unfettered opinion, doesn't it feel that we've lost our ability to move discussions forward?

10 Rules for Talking is a timely guide to help you talk to people who don't share your opinion.

Harkness focuses on difficult conversations - the complex, emotional and recurring discussions that persistently affect our personal and professional lives. The ten rules will teach you to remember most people are good and worthy of respect (Rule 3), why it is important to keep a conversation safe (Rule 5) and how to truly listen (Rule 9). Learn how to persuade, respond and - most importantly - keep the conversation progressing.

Welcome to a new way of talking.

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